Today my daughters and I were discussing what we should do during Lent.  Interesting ideas were thrown out.  The bests that were settled on were “praying each morning when waking up and giving up, not listening to mom.”  Mmm – interesting!

I thought these to be intriguing as they both show some growth in my 9 yr old and 5 yr old.  They did not suggest giving up chocolate or something to that sort but both decided on something that would change their relationship with me and God.

“Change their relationship with God?”  That is what Lent is all about.  I’ve been searching my own heart to determine how to draw closer to God during Lent, to deepen my relationship with God.  As I think about their Lenten goals, I realize I need to invest more into my prayer life and deepen my love for others, even in circumstances that to my human nature seem unwarranted.  I was reading the Bible, Luke 6:27-36, a few days ago and was discussing when should you give and when not to, my human logic vs God’s when he says give if someone asks.  Now I was thinking monetary.  Yet today, I begin to think, giving of my heart.  What if God is intending here to say give of your heart, yourself, when asked.  Give no matter the circumstance, give no matter the pain, the suffering.  As I prepare for this Lenten season, I prepare my heart to give, to give all that God has given me even to those who mistreat me, who are my enemies.  I shall abandon my self in doing so and do it not because it is pleasing to me but because it is pleasing to God.