Yesterday my little ones decided they wanted to skate. One put on training skates, the other in-line. Normally I help them and they struggle with their balance. They are both still in the learning stage. This time, I prepared an area for them to skate while I completed a task outdoors within close proximity of their skating rink. Within minutes they were both skating, reasonably well. They both had their balance, weren’t falling and we’re moving forward. Later as I sat down to reflect on my day, I recalled this little inch of letting go of them, allowing them to take off on their skates by themselves, knowing I was nearby if they fell. I wondered if I had stayed right next to them the entire time they skated if they would have improved as much as they did. I wondered if giving them that little bit of freedom helped build their self confidence. So how does that relate to my relationship with God? He doesn’t overcrowd me, but he gives me that little inch of freedom to make my own choices. He stands at a near distance and says you can do it, I have given you all the tools you need to be capable and if you fall, I’m right over here waiting to pick you up so you can try again. It’s a relationship of trust that I will use the tools God gives me to make the right decision and trust that if I don’t or if I fail, God is there to pick me up. Do you trust your Heavenly Father is nearby, watching you succeed and if you don’t, waiting to catch you?